Screen time on your cell phone, how much time is too much?


Screen time on your cell phone, how much time is too much?

Cell phones are undoubtedly the great allies of life, they have become part of everyday life to the point that for many people the first thing they do when they wake up is take the cell phone and the last thing they do when going to sleep is usually to be pasted on the networks or news through the screen of these devices.
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Although the cell phone is a great tool to communicate, work, know what is happening in the world and much more, it can also interfere negatively when you spend too much time on the cell phone screen and forget to share with the people you care about. you have around you.

Just as there are dangerous addictions, cell phone addiction can lead to negative consequences for both your mental and physical health, among which we can mention: insomnia, headaches, stress, pain in the hands, visual health conditions, pain in the neck, anxiety, irritability, among others.

Today there are many people who cannot be away from the cell phone for a long time, not even a few minutes a day, so if you are one of them, this post is for you. The cell phone has become a companion in life, and it is true that it is also a work tool, but you have to find the necessary space to rest on it and be able to enjoy other activities.

How to know if you spend too much time on the screen?

  • If you can not get away from the cell phone or disconnect for more than 1 hour during the day without feeling anxiety.
  • If you feel dry eyes, eyestrain or headaches.
  • If you have trouble disconnecting from the screen before bed and you feel anxiety about having your cell phone away from bed.
  • If you are postponing important tasks or tasks due to the time you use the cell phone.
  • If the time of use does not allow you to interact with the people who accompany you (family, partner, friends, co-workers) because you feel that it is more important to check the networks and the news.
  • If you feel distracted or scattered by cell phone notifications in work activities.
  • If you feel discomfort in the neck or stiffness in the joints of the hands.
  • If you feel irritated or have mood swings.

It must be remembered that the use of the cell phone is not for all times or for all situations, there are dangers, for example, in its use when driving. The cell phone can distract you and affect your concentration to the point of causing accidents or you can also receive fines because it is prohibited.

 You should also know that this device is an electronic device, therefore it emits electromagnetic energy that can negatively affect the nervous system. You should avoid carrying the cell phone always attached to your body or sleeping near it, because it has been proven that it can increase the risk of contracting diseases such as cancer, tumors, brain problems and infertility. Also the light emitted by it can cause sleep problems, preventing rest.

The use of the cell phone is not negative if it is done in a measured way and if it does not affect your work, health and personal relationships, but if you realize that in some way your screen time is becoming addictive, it is time to stop a little and find the time to disconnect from the screen and find other activities that allow you to enjoy and connect with life.

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