BMI with United Way


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BMI with United Way

United Way is a social responsibility program that empowers children in need to dream big and achieve great potential in and out of school. The program is dedicated to providing them with the necessary tools to be successful in life.

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Every year a campaign called “Back to School” is carried out in which low-income children are helped, donating the necessary elements so that they excel in school.

Unfortunately, 59% of households in Miami-Dade County are struggling to make ends meet steadily. Therefore, preparing a child for the beginning of the school year with the necessary supplies (backpacks, notebooks, pens, etc.) can be very challenging for them, especially for families with multiple children attending county schools.

For more than 95 years, the United Way campaign has been dedicated to paying attention to these types of people with needs, with the purpose of providing them with opportunities and building a stronger Miami, transforming vulnerability into empowerment, poverty into opportunity and despair into hope.

This year BMI decided to be part of this initiative and help the most needy children in Miami-Dade County, giving them the necessary tools so that they can start the school year in the best way.

The donation was made on Saturday, August 6, in one of the United Way locations known as the "Ryder Room." Employees of the BMI company attended the event to help organize the large number of backpacks so that they can later be distributed to the county children. Many of our employees also had the opportunity to share with some of these children, and provide them with motivation so that they can take advantage of this new beginning.

Life begins with a good education, and this incredible act of charity helps around 25,000 students, guiding them towards a brighter future and preventing them from ever forgetting the importance of school. Among the beneficiaries are elementary, middle and high school students. We are proud to have participated in an event of this magnitude, at BMI the commitment to help has always been and will be part of our great family.

We value people's life and future, which is why we decided to participate in this great event and provide help to those most in need. Building a better world is everyone's responsibility. Young people are the future of our population, and also the best investment for the future.

We invite you to be part of a social responsibility event, there are many movements that exist around the world. Your grain of sand can change the lives of others, give great opportunities to those most in need, and direct the lives of young people towards success.

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