BMI’s expert multi-disciplinary team and advanced cyber-security protocols avoid operational shutdown due to unauthorized network access


BMI’s expert multi-disciplinary team and advanced cyber-security protocols avoid operational shutdown due to unauthorized network access

Though BMI’s network was accessed by an unauthorized third party on the evening of June 8th, 2022, our skilled multidisciplinary team of experts were able to identify and contain the issue and restore our servers, computers, and multi-tool functionality in a matter of days.
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Best Meridian International Insurance Company SPC was recently the victim of a cyber-attack. As a result, we engaged in a multi-pronged, multi-disciplinary contingency plan to contain the unauthorized access to our systems while identifying how the threat actor entered our network, and what information may or may not have been accessed.

On average, it takes a multinational company 287 days for internal security teams to identify and contain a threat actor’s cyber-attack on its servers. Thankfully, and due to the professionalism and dedication of the teams involved in the threat response and the improvements that had already been ongoing months prior to the attack, Best Meridian International Insurance Company SPC identified and contained the threat in less than 14 days. However, our internal investigations, IT infrastructure improvements, and cyber-threat monitoring are ongoing.

We are a company that puts the safety and privacy of its clients, partners, and staff as one of its most important ongoing goals. As such, we are conducting an internal investigation to identify not only how the threat actors accessed our network, but what kind of information, if any, was accessed by them.

The current stage of our investigation has found evidence that some personal client information may have been compromised during the short period in which there was unauthorized activity within our network. Our digital forensic team is still determining what kind of information was accessed and when. We will provide everyone with another update as soon as new and relevant information is available to us.

However, we can assure you that no financial information, including credit card and bank account numbers, were breached.

Aside from communicating this information on our blog, we will be sending out this information through other digital means along with physical letters to ensure all affected parties are notified as quickly and directly as possible.

Our Information Technology team have made great strides in fortifying and updating our cyber-security protocols to reduce the chances of a repeat incident. We are committed, as always, to continuously update and improve our digital security.

Rest assured that the security and protection of our clients is our number one concern.

Please contact if you have any questions regarding the information herein.

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