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Table of Contents:

What can we adults do to cope with the crisis caused by this pandemic together with the little ones in the middle of summer?  

Confinement at home to slow the spread of Covid-19 can make it difficult for families to maintain a state of calm. But it is important to help children feel safe, maintain healthy routines, control their behavior, promote resilience and entertain them with recreational and educational activities in these summer months.

Empathy and emotional self-regulation become essential resources, so that parents can maintain an emotional bond with their children and that this period is more bearable with kindness and firmness, achieving the emotional connection.

The good thing about vacations is that they also allow you to explore the tastes of each of your little ones, in addition to distracting yourself a bit from the daily hustle and bustle. So calm down, mom and dad, it's not impossible!

BMI presents 10 super creative solutions to enjoy the summer with your children. Take note!

  1. Plant a fruit or vegetable garden:Summer is perfect for planting, and contrary to what you think, it is not a complicated activity. For your children it will be quite an adventure!
  2. Bring them back to your childhood:Do you remember when you used to play with colored tops, whirligigs or marbles? Maybe your child has no idea what you are talking about, but these strange objects will catch his attention and he will take them off the cell phone or tablet for a while.
  3. Make a vision board:It is never too early to boost your self-esteem and the power to fulfill your dreams.
  4. Cook together, with a purpose !: Even on vacation, children can learn. Make him your helper for a day and teach him to measure the ingredients (by cups, tablespoons, etc.) Let him mix everything and experiment with the textures, flavors and colors.
  5. Make puppets by hand:If your children are young, collect old socks, scraps of fabric, threads, and everything you can think of, to create puppets or rag marionettes. Once ready, encourage him to build his own story!
  6. Play outside: It is an obvious idea; But they can create swings out of old rubber or play tracks out of recycled materials. Incorporate water to create fun and refreshing games like a lisadero. It will be a unique project!
  7. Stay in touch interactive: Technology can help us stay in touch with the people we love. We can make video calls to connect, see and hear the people we love. Let's incorporate trivia games, riddles, etc.
  8. Music as a resource: Have a dance competition, and in this way you explore another culture, just as you can use Zumba for entertainment and at the same time exercise. Karaoke is also a versatile, entertaining game that can teach children many things. It awakens children's interest in music
  9. Incorporate board games: Laughing together as a family, competing healthily and teaming up is undoubtedly the magic formula to create unforgettable moments. Some examples of fun board games: Domino, Uno, Parchis, Jenga, Chess, Monopoly, Rummi, and other card games.
  10. Camping in the yard: It can be hilarious for all ages, it's great for keeping kids entertained. Generate activities, such as treasure hunts, stargazing, and a picnic.

In this time of quarantine, make your family space a place of learning and recreation.

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