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Table of Contents:

Children are not only the Future, they are also the Present of the World - Universal Children's Day

There is no cause that deserves higher priority than the protection and development of the child, on whom depends the survival, stability and progress of all nations and, indeed, of human civilization.

The mere fact that a child exists is a present. All children embody the living promise that the world can be transformed, in the future, into a better place. They are a precious gift that must be cared for as the greatest treasure of humanity, because great changes depend on this generation.

If children are the future of the world, adult society is responsible for sowing in them the appropriate seeds of love, respect, education, tolerance and other values.

How many times have we asked ourselves what a Universal Day is for? We tell you, it is usually used as a reminder and on occasions like this, of great importance. For Universal Children's Day it was established more than half a century ago. November 20, a date that will remember something obvious and what we must always watch out for: the defense of the rights of the world's children.    

Defending the well-being of children is not only important for those who suffer today but also because we are at stake in them for the survival and progress of humanity. Is there anything more important than that?

You must remember that Universal Children's Day is not only for adults: minors are the objects, but they must also be active subjects of work to defend the rights of children. They can and should know their rights, reflect on them and know how to act.

What are the rights of children? The Rights of the Child, promulgated on November 20, 1959, are a set of norms designed to defend and protect the basic needs of children. Knowing the Rights of the Child is important for them and also for adults.

For this reason, BMI cites 10 fundamental rights of infants:

  • Equality. That children are respected regardless of skin color, religion, physical condition or place of residence.
  • Identity. Every child has the right to be recognized by name and surname to distinguish himself from others.
  • Love. Right to live with a family that cares for them, feeds them, but above all that loves them.
  • Education. Be educated and possess the necessary resources to carry out this process.
  • Protection. That they can rest, play and have fun in a healthy and happy environment.
  • Quality of life. They have every right to receive quality medical care regardless of their status.
  • Solidarity. That they can express themselves and say what they feel and how they feel, without being judged and that they can be heard.
  • Integration. Being able to get together with the other boys and girls without prejudice.
  • Complaint. They have the right to be protected against cruelty, neglect and exploitation.
  • Help. You need to be educated and grow in peace, tolerance and understanding.

The future is today, so clear. No one can expect the future to be better if they don't work on becoming a better person. If you do not change your present that is also that of children. The best of all is that this reality, this present is still a project under construction that can improve. The changes are in our hands, because the education of infants (who will have a leading role in the future) is your responsibility.

Respect for children's rights must be worked on throughout the year, but every November 20 we have the opportunity to use the news for that. Let's take advantage of it!

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