Mindo Futures and BMI united in solidarity


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Mindo Futures and BMI united in solidarity

Annual Kickball Tournament in Miami, Florida. This initiative has been sponsored by BMI on various occasions and this year was no exception, with all the security protocols against Covid-19 we were able to join once again this beautiful cause.

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The non-profit foundation Mindo Futures It began in 1972 and currently works in three aid programs: the Miracles Program, the Puente Program and the Medical Mission. The first two cover efforts to improve general education and inclusion in the higher system; the third, provides free medical care and medicines to the population of Mindo.

In the medical mission BMI and its collaborators, also in previous years, have said present supporting the volunteers in everything that is possible, where through temporary clinics, as many patients as possible are treated.

Annual Kickball Tournament by Mindo Futures

The Annual Kickball Tournament led by Mindo Futures was carried out with all the Covid-19 security protocols on July 17, 2021. Where our collaborators in a voluntary act enrolled in the group that with dynamism, passion and full of energy led us to the semifinal.

We are very grateful that Mindo allows us to say present and make our contribution. For BMI, it is important to support foundations that contribute to improving the quality of life of the inhabitants in areas of potential development such as Mindo.

David Sierra, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at BMI noted the following: "We are very excited to be able to support year after year a cause that takes care of what is most important: health and education."

Thank you Mindo Futures for all the effort and work you do to help the Ecuadorian community of Mindo.

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