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Family interaction over the years has been changing rapidly. Today, the family made up of dad, mom and children has expanded, until it is increasingly common for raising children to become the responsibility of one of the parents or, in the best of cases, it becomes a shared responsibility. The new model of fatherhood and motherhood arises from “post patriarchy” and “post feminism”, and it is a responsible, complementary and highly participatory model where the activities are no longer specific to a gender.

How has the role of the father changed within the modern family? The first point that should be noted is the inclusion of the father figure within household activities, something that until not many years ago and in many societies worldwide was an activity attributed to women. This change began with the incorporation of women into the world of work. Once the business system opened its doors following the demand for equal opportunities for women, it initiated a radical change in men's family obligations, which means a positive advance for the formation of a more equitable society.

The role of the modern father begins when he accepts to exercise a new paternity, just as mothers have adopted a new role as financial supporter or "head of the family", now the father can become a source of emotional, affective and protective help, in addition to organizing the home, and at the same time being involved in the children's school activities, actions that reflect a forceful change in the gender paradigm.

The important thing about the adoption of this renewed system of participation is that both exercise the pertinent actions so that the children grow fully, even if they are separated.

In the case of the single-parent family, these actions have been in progress for a long time, but the important thing is that now, without the need to experience a divorce, the responsibilities are equally shared by both.

At BMI we recognize the efforts of all those parents who, from their nucleus, contribute to gender equality, and who, thanks to their closer inclusion in raising children, are building a new society.

Happy Father's Day!

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