Health on the surface: 11 ways to take care of your skin from the inside and the outside


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Health on the surface: 11 ways to take care of your skin from the inside and the outside

The skin connects our interior with the world and reflects our physical and emotional health. Your problems warn of imbalances that can be corrected with these tips. Keep reading!
salud y piel

Table of Contents:

The skin

The skin is a reflection of what happens inside the body. Their problems may be warning of some internal, physical or mental imbalance, which should be addressed.

It embodies our identity, makes us unique, separates us from the environment and, at the same time, through it we make contact with what surrounds us, we are part of the world and the universe.

Its functions

The skin is essential for controlling body temperature and regulates water through sweating. Bacteria live on the skin that help the body defend itself from others that can be harmful.

Another function of the skin is to protect the body against harmful solar radiation, to which it adapts by pigmenting. At the same time it takes advantage of all the benefits of the sun, helping to eliminate toxic substances through perspiration.

The skin is also a sensory center. Through touch, it selects what is good and pleasant for us, and rejects what hurts us through pain or itching.

Es esencial cuidar de nuestra piel
It is essential to take care of our skin

The skin is a reflection of the interior

Through stimuli based on pressure, heat or punctures, help regulate energy and thus correct internal imbalances.

Liver problems can give it a yellowish tone, while red spots that do not disappear on pressure, with fever and headache, can indicate meningitis. If it appears dry and pale it may be kidney problems. Red spots or bruises indicate clotting disorders.

But in aggressions to the skin, the connection is not only physical; it can also be emotional.

Re-educating the skin is a way to increase health and prolong life

The more its renewal is favored by causing the dead epidermal layers to fall through cleaning practices, the more it activates the formation of new skin.

Purification of the body is largely a function of the skin. For this reason, in childhood and youth, skin diseases - rashes, chicken pox, rash, hives, acne ... - protect life before unnatural habits nullify or delay its ability to purify.

Cuida tu salud desde interior al exterior
Take care of your health from the inside to the outside

11 ways to take care of yourself from the inside out

It is important that you understand the reasons for your skin problem. You must also bear in mind that every process takes time and that the rhythms of the body must be respected. These 11 tips will help you stay healthy from the inside out.

  1. Promote healthy
  2. Diet and peace of mind
  3. Phytotherapy
  4. Hydrotherapy to soothe the skin
  5. Use meditation and relaxation techniques
  6. Sunbathing at the right times
  7. Apply oils and creams and massage
  8. Therapeutic baths
  9. Hydrate frequently
  10. Perform deep cleanings with a professional
  11. Controlling stress

Many say that beauty is superficial like skin, that what matters is what is "inside." Without a doubt, our interior is important, but this is the first layer of defense against the outside world. Which can also give us important clues about general health.

Let's learn with these tips to take good care of Our skin, so that it continues to take good care of us.

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