Business sustainability, an initiative of millennials


Business sustainability, an initiative of millennials

Sustainability is defined as meeting current needs without compromising future needs, guaranteeing a balanced growth between the economy, the environment and social welfare.
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In the middle of the 20th century, when most of the companies that we know worldwide today and are part of our daily lives were born and grew, at that time there were quite clear priorities: growth of the economy, generation of jobs and positioning in the market, Very little was thought about the resources of the future and how industrialization would affect the environment on a large scale.

Millennials, a generation that was born from 1982 to 1995, according to various studies, are young people with great creative abilities, an insatiable thirst for information and high critical thinking.

Considered as the generation of entrepreneurship, millennials led companies to ask themselves a big question, do the operations of their companies generate change actions for sustainable development? Beyond complying with laws to improve the environment, they understood that they should make sustainability part of its business philosophy.

This socio-environmental initiative made it possible for companies today to develop internal and external practices to promote sustainability, such as: combating different social causes such as poverty and hunger, creating initiatives within companies to reduce the use of materials and resources unnecessary and integrate communities to strengthen social awareness in relation to caring for the environment.

Without a doubt, millennials have generated great positive movements worldwide, sustainability has been one of the largest and their purchase decisions are based on the contribution that the company that provides the service and/or product gives to our ecosystem. , this being a great impact in the socioeconomic field.

The saving and neutralization of resources are actions that generate profitability in companies due to the significant savings in the use of materials and the reduction of energy consumption. If you are an entrepreneur or a small businessman, keep in mind that to be a sustainable company you do not need a large capital, just implement actions that allow you to reduce the use of materials, reuse, recycle and minimize electricity and water consumption. They are simple measures that you can carry out and that will allow you to protect the needs of future generations.

It is important to keep in mind that sustainability does not depend solely on the actions taken by companies, it is everyone's task to solve the problem that sustainable development is having and good individual practices to improve our ecosystem generate great changes and create links with future generations.

BMI In order to continue generating actions to reduce the deterioration of the environment and contribute to social well-being, we decided to generate a positive impact by starting a transformation process that began in 2021. We created various digital initiatives to significantly reduce the amount of resources we consumed. as a company and, thus, we have been able to decongest some points of our value chain that have led us to self-management processes, including the control and reduction of energy consumption, the use of materials such as paper printing and the development of self-management channels using platforms such as Salesforce.

It was also created BMI Suite which is an exclusive self-management portal for policyholders and soon, the exclusive Community Cloud portal for agents will be launched where claims requests, new business and inquiries can be made through access to the web application.

These actions have allowed us control the use of materials, but, above all, focus on sustainability.

We decided to move in this direction because we are sure that our company could not continue if we did not join forces to protect our planet and the health of our policyholders. The challenge is great, but we assume it with confidence because we will generate a positive and lasting impact.

It is important to keep in mind that sustainability does not depend solely on the actions taken by companies, it is everyone's task to solve the problem that sustainable development is having. Individual actions and good practices to improve our ecosystem will generate big changes and create links with future generations.

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