Tony M Sierra, Power Leader: One of the Most Influential Businessmen for Years in a Row


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Tony M Sierra, Power Leader: One of the Most Influential Businessmen for Years in a Row

His visionary actions, dedication, discipline, and experience have created a legacy over the years, inspiring others to dream more, learn more, accomplish more.
Tony M. Sierra- Power Leader

Table of Contents:

Tony M. Sierra a power leader, who began his career as an agent in 1966, becoming a pioneer in the health, life and retirement insurance industry throughout Latin America. With an entrepreneurial vision, a few years later he founded his own agency in 1973, incorporated as Business Men's Insurance Corp (BMI). Since the creation of our first company. Mr. Sierra has maintained a strategy of continuous growth and expansion, which has led to the founding of various subsidiaries in different areas of Latin America and Thanks to its vision, BMI has a solid track record built over the years. 

Under his direction, he has led and positioned our company as a leading Hispanic-owned company in the region and the country, recognized nationally. Thanks to its leadership, BMI reflects a well-established marketing presence and cultural knowledge of Latin American countries, with a trend of profitable operating results and strong capitalization adjusted to the risk of society throughout LATAM.

With dedication and drive, Mr. Sierra has achieved that BMI obtains a volatility of statutory earnings, successfully overcoming its own challenges in the Latin American and Caribbean markets.

With over one billion in assets and with a local presence in Ecuador, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Guatemala; BMI is a company with a family soul that was developed and positioned in a competitive environment, being the only insurer in its branch that offers the widest portfolio of products, generating a sustainable economic strategy aimed at multiplying jobs and providing the best coverage to its clients. clients with the highest rate of paid claims in the Latin American region.

Power Leaders 250- South Florida Business Journal
Power Leaders 250- South Florida Business Journal

Power leader

Mr. Sierra has the ability to influence, motivate, organize and carry out actions to achieve his goals and objectives, involving people in a framework of values, becoming a leadership figure generation after generation.

Today we are pleased to applaud, value and mention our leader, who has been recognized as a "Power Leader", being one of the 250 most influential men in Florida for consecutive years, recognition granted in the 2019, 2020 and the present year 2021, mention made by the South Florida Business Journal, the main business news outlet.

The BMI family is proud and recognizes the dedication and spirit of constant improvement of our founder, for his demonstration of the strong commitment to the pursuit of excellence, who has guaranteed and provided the highest quality services to society; consolidating in turn an organization steeped in values, committed, stable and solid, what exceeds more than a trillion in assets.

Mr. Tony is a responsible business leader who has broken with purely productive and utilitarian traditions to serve social engagement. Thanks to their managerial and cultural knowledge and their commercial strategies related to the implicit risks of life and health insurance in Latin American countries and the recognition of BMI, they constitute their key competitive advantages to maintain profitable growth in the long term.

We feel privileged and grateful to have a leader such as Mr. Antonio Sierra, who is highly deserving of this distinction. This is why our family today wants to express to you that more than our founder and a leader for society, He has been an inspiration to all the employees of the BMI family. He is an example of work, his passion has led him to pose challenges of responsibility with his profession, which has managed to transmit these high-impact and quality trainings to all the people around him, with his words and actions of leadership, his actions of humility, his tenacity and his dedication for and for us.

Admirable Man

Our professional path has been guided by his wisdom which makes us admire him.. Showing us his true leadership working not only for his successes, but also at the service of his collaborators and society, he fills us all with satisfaction. Thank you for leading our work!

These words are samples of our admiration for him and the impact that transcends generation after generation:

Andrew Sierra (Chief Operating Officer (COO) Treasurer and Director of International Operations): Andrew Sierra, the youngest son, shares his experience with Mr. Sierra: “My experience and inspiration with Mr. Sierra takes on a unique perspective given my life-long experience with him as a parent and mentor. Throughout my childhood, I was able to witness first-hand my father's commitment and dedication to making our organization what it is today. In times of success or difficulty, he never lost sight of his ultimate goal, which was to create an organization that transcends the scope of a traditional business. "

“He has instilled in me and everyone around him that we have a much greater responsibility in the business that we do. You have made it our responsibility to run a company that is responsible for the well-being of millions of lives around the world. The decisions and actions we take carry a burden, which he has taught us is not, but an honor that all these people have entrusted to us. Through Mr. Sierra's leadership, our organization is comprised of a team of ambassadors who will be around for generations to protect the well-being of our clients, agents, and colleagues. Mr. Sierra is a visionary, pioneer and a constant source of inspiration to all who have known him. "

Liderazgo que trasciende generación tras generación
Leadership that transcends generation after generation

Rita Ramos (Executive Assistant): Ramos, who has been her assistant for 25 years, tells us that: “As a leader in the professional field, Mr. Sierra has generated in me a great impact by his integrity, wisdom, transparency and passion to create and run a successful company. Personally, he is the person I have respected and admired the most for his simplicity, empathy and integrity. "

Manuel Pelati (Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)): Pelati, indicates the following: “My professional career at BMI has been very challenging, but nonetheless very rewarding. Reflecting on what I consider to be a rewarding experience, I can definitely say without question that meeting Mr. Sierra as a leader is at the top of the list. It is an honor to share the battlefield with him.

Martha Villarreal (OnBase Clerk Courier): Martha Villarreal shared her feelings about her career with Mr. Tony: “The path of my professional life has been guided by the exceptional qualities of Mr. Sierra. Few companies today have such a humane leadership as BMI. For me, Mr. Sierra is synonymous with integrity, professionalism, humanity, friendship and respect. Working under the direction of a person with these qualities is invaluable. "

Hubert W (Senior Vice President of International Operations): Hubert W expresses his admiration for Mr. Sierra with the following words: “The qualities of Mr. Sierra are many and very valuable. Personally, I consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to learn every day from someone who has been able to build an excellent organization starting from the ideal of providing an entire region with heritage protection instruments that have benefited so many families for now. more than four decades; During the history of the group, our region has been marked by innumerable events that have demanded tenacity and ability to adapt to dramatic changes, however, the commitment to the original ideals and the ability to lead and accompany all its collaborators has allowed to lead to the organization to its current position. Congratulations, Tony. "

Mr. Sierra, your BMI family takes the opportunity to congratulate you and extend a grateful and broad appreciation for your great leadership.. Your skills that have inspired us to give our best and grow, thank you for being that great power leader for us and society.

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