・This product may be contracted by those who reside in the Dominican Republic and whose age does not exceed 70 years.

・Age of stay up to 99 years.

・Coverage extension to the rest of the world.

・100% coverage in 4 specific diagnoses. Global coverage

・Special network of clinics in the US and Colombia.

・The annual limit is increased.

Worldwide and US coverage on select network, additional $1,000,000 for the following conditions:

・Cardiovascular disease.

·Chronic renal insufficiency.

·Cancer. Additional $500,000 coverage

・Organ transplant.

・Maximum limit per policy year of USD 5,000 for all declared pre-existing conditions / condition caused by and/or related to it, including the consequences of treatment, after applying the deductible. 24-month grace period.

・The product allows access to the coordination of benefits between the contracted coverage and another current plan, through BMI or another insurance alternative on the market, without exceeding the 100% of the expenses incurred.

・To provide the best care, we have an excellent network of Hospitals and Clinics throughout the Dominican Republic, where we offer hospitalization and surgery services. The BMI network can be consulted on our website: www.bmicos.com/dominicana

・We have agreements in the most prestigious Hospitals in Latin America, located in Colombia, where you can attend with your local plan applying the deductible.

・ Our Support Plan allows you to enjoy the highest coverage on the market with free choice of doctors, as long as they have the proper accreditation to practice medicine in recognized specialties.

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