・The holder and spouse and/or legal partner may enter until the last day of the month in which they turn 65.

・Dependents may stay until the last day of the month in which they turn 18 years of age or until the last day of their 30th birthday as long as they are financially dependent on the holder, single, full-time student. Children who study abroad may remain insured until they are 24 years old.

・Applies per insured, per policy year, up to a maximum of 2 deductibles per family.

・A single deductible applies per family, per policy year, in the event of a joint accident in the country of residence.

・Expenses incurred during the last 90 days of the policy year that do not exceed the deductible will be applied to the following period of the policy year.

・Elimination of Deductible –

- 100% for hospital coverage inside and outside the country of residence (except in the US). Applies to deductible options 1, 2, 4 and 5.

- 100% coverage for outpatient surgeries and emergencies in the country of residence, without deductible or copay. Applies to deductible options 4 and 5.

- 50% deductible in a select network in the USA.

・Maximum limit per policy year of USD 5,000 for all declared pre-existing conditions/condition caused by this

and/or related to it, including the consequences of the treatment, by holder and/or dependents, after applying the

deductible. 24-month grace period.

・100% coverage for accidents and infectious diseases from the effective date, with a period

60-day waiting period for any other covered condition.

You have 100% coverage for medical emergencies or accidents that occur outside your country of residence:

・Insureds with deductibles up to USD 5,000 will have a copay of USD 100 and the balance of the invoice will be paid to the

100% per BMI up to the policy limit.

・Insureds with deductibles of USD 10,000 or USD 20,000 will have a copay of USD 100 for the first USD 5,000 in

medical expenses. Expenses greater than US$ 5,000 will be paid based on the benefits of the policy. (Deductible applies)

・The BMI Access Service Center provides 24x7 assistance and exclusive benefits for all BMI health policyholders.

・The insured should only contact BMI Access to be assigned a Medical Coordinator, who will be their

guide to coordinate any service or benefit available in your health policy.


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