Is your New Year's resolution to exercise? Follow these 7 tips


Is your New Year's resolution to exercise? Follow these 7 tips

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December was a time to share with family and friends, rest for the holidays and enjoy delicious food. If you relaxed during this season, in January it can be a little difficult to resume exercise and healthy eating. Next, you will discover some tips that will help you in this process that must be gradual.

1. Mental preparation

It is necessary to determine realistic objectives and answer the following questions: what type of exercise are you going to do?, what days are you going to train?, and at what time? Defining the goal will be the first step to start a healthier life.

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2. You are what you eat, so take care of your diet

We recommend avoiding processed foods and sugars. Feed yourself five times a day and visit a doctor to share with you a diet focused on your needs and goals. If in the previous months you overindulged in food, it is important to detoxify your body, therefore, it is essential to have an adequate diet and stay hydrated to eliminate toxins.

3. Have the necessary materials

One way to motivate yourself is to buy new supplies. Clothes and elements for the sport that you are going to practice; have them ready so there are no excuses for not exercising.

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4. Find a training partner or partner

They can encourage each other and it can become more fun. Find a family member, friend or even a pet to be your companion. An excellent exercise can even be walking with your four-legged friend. This will allow your relationship to strengthen, you will help him stay active so he will rest better and avoid obesity problems in the future.

5. Listen to your body

Do the exercise that your body allows you, do not overexert yourself to avoid injuries.

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6. Visit your trusted doctor

Before starting a sport. Attend a medical appointment, to perform routine check-ups and check that everything is in order. If you are a BMI client, schedule your appointment at

7. Listen to your favorite music

While you exercise you can listen to the songs that you like the most, this will make training more fun.
Start your training routine now!
We recommend some applications that will help you fulfill your purpose for this 2023.
• 8fit.
• 30-day sports challenge.
• Nike Training Club.
Follow these tips to fulfill your purpose for this 2023, remember that you can handle everything. Be consistent and listen to your body. Enjoy the exercise and its results.

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