2022 Power Leaders: Antonio “Tony” Sierra, a power leader


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2022 Power Leaders: Antonio “Tony” Sierra, a power leader

Antonio Sierra recognized by the South Florida Business Journal as one of the 250 most influential men in all of Florida
Antonio "Tony" Sierra

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Antonio “Tony” M. Sierra

Antonio Sierra, founder and president of BMI Financial Group, a visionary man, entrepreneur and pioneer in the health, life and retirement insurance industry throughout Latin America.

Antonio Sierra began his career in the insurance industry in 1966 as an agent, created his own agency in Miami in 1970 and incorporated it in 1973 as Business Men's Insurance Corp (BMI).

Mr. Sierra has maintained a strategy of continuous growth and expansion, which has led to the BMI financial group, under his leadership, today being made up of more than 15 companies in the US, Latin America and Asia. . Today, it is one of the largest insurers in the United States and has been recognized as one of the top 100 Hispanic-owned companies in the country.

Thanks to its vision, BMI has a solid track record built over the years.

Reconocimiento a Tony Sierra
Acknowledgment to Tony Sierra

power leaders

For the fourth year in a row, Mr. Sierra has been recognized as a “Power Leader,” being one of the 250 most influential men in Florida, by the South Florida Business Journal, the leading business news outlet.

Tony Sierra has been one of the executives in the insurance environment who know and are committed to the fact that the transformation of the industry is not an "event" with a start and end date, rather, it corresponds to a continuous process of evolution with a view to respond to changes in the environment.

This demonstrates the strong commitment of our founder to the search for excellence, who has guaranteed and provided society with services of the highest quality and, in turn, consolidating an organization imbued with values, commitment, technology, stability, solidity, and that exceeds more than one trillion in assets.

This recognition granted in 2019, 2020, 2021 and in the present year 2022, it undoubtedly represents a testimony of leadership in difficult times. After all let's think about 2021: the pandemic was still in the headlines, vaccines had only just appeared and it was affecting public and private sector operations. The future was not clear. Amidst this uncertainty, BMI continued to excel.

South Florida is a dynamic market and thanks to the visions of our founder BMI found fertile ground for growth. These transitions also speak to how BMI prepares for the future.

 Recognizing the challenge

Our founder is no stranger to global and industry changes… BMI is reinventing itself. The last decade has been quite eventful: stringent new regulatory requirements, changing demands and new expectations from our customers, increased competitive technological pressures, and business models all combining to create an era of unprecedented change for the insurance industry.

BMI with its continuous growth mentality has embraced the changes creating not only temporary solutions, but also seeking to innovate in the transformation of the business, with technological transformations that position BMI as a technological and avant-garde 100% insurer, and Mr. Sierra as a true leader of power.

Congratulations Mr. Sierra!

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