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Currently, campaigns to promote breastfeeding have increased as more information emerges about the benefits that this activity can offer to newborns, and also to mothers, actions that are of great relevance to increase the health of mothers. new generations. For this reason, during International Breastfeeding Week, BMI joins this initiative with information to accentuate these global efforts.

Breast milk is the ideal food to provide babies with the nutrients they need for healthy development. In fact, it is important that you start feeding it with it from the first two hours of life, since from that moment and during the days after delivery, the mammary glands secrete a yellow liquid called colostrum, this substance has a high sufficient protein, antibody, antioxidant, mineral and vitamin content to prevent diseases or viruses, which are fatal to children under five years of age.

The WHO recommends that breast milk be the exclusive food for at least the first six months, after this period it suggests maintaining lactation up to 2 years, in this period it should be supplemented with other types of foods of high nutritional value. 

Here are the main reasons why breastfeeding is vitally important to mothers and babies:

1. Contains special antibodies that protect the baby against respiratory infections, flu, asthma, ear infections, diarrhea, allergies and other diseases
2. Reduces the risk of child malnutrition
3. It is easily digestible and prevents constipation
4. Breastfeeding creates a unique bond between mother and baby.
5. Reduces the risk of postpartum depression
6. Prevents breast and ovarian cancer and the risk of osteoporosis after menopause

Despite all this information, certain doubts of women about breastfeeding at home and much more in public continue to prevail. For this reason, it is vitally important to promote awareness of this activity, not only so that more mothers join in, but also so that society naturally observes this act of love and health and makes sure that mothers feel safe and free to do so. in public spaces.

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