What is the best sport for you?


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What is the best sport for you?

We are all aware, to a certain extent, that playing sports is essential for health. The problem is finding the motivation to exercise. What if you don't need to motivate yourself? Is there a sport that meets the health requirements without having to put in a lot of effort? Let's analyze it.

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Usually, if you want to achieve something, it will require an effort on your part. They don't work miracle diets or not playing any sports or exercise. Abdominal muscle stimulators also don't work. If you want something to work, you will have to put in the effort.

The useful effort technique

The hardest thing for a person to motivate himself to play sports is that the effort is the goal itself. Run half an hour just to get in shape? A cruelty. Go to the gym to lift weights? A nonsense. Another incentive is needed. Ideally, he would be deceived, in such a way that he would play sports without realizing it. Here some examples:

  • Walk to get around the city. Going for a walk just because is not a viable option, even if it is a soft and calm sport. Walking is perhaps the best sport, but it has to be clothed in a layer of utility to truly be an alternative. What if instead of always traveling by car, bus or taxi, you choose to walk from time to time? It has several advantages. You can enjoy the view more, pass in front of shop windows, cross a park, look up to see the sky... And you do all of this while burning a few calories. If you manage to walk fast for half an hour every day, you would already be improving your physical condition a lot.
  • Go up the stairs. When you are in a building, a shopping center or in the subway, do not take the elevator or the escalator. Instead, why not take advantage of the stairs?
  • Get around by bike. It is a very practical and quick solution to get anywhere, and in the meantime you exercise.
useful effort

As we mentioned before, the ideal sport is one that is not recognized as an exercise. Usually these are leisure activities.

Have you tried dancing?

Music has something that pushes us to move without us realizing it. And because of that, dancing is a great solution for anyone reluctant to exercise.

Play bowling

A few friends and bowling. Between talk and laughter, you will not even realize that you are throwing weight.

Minimalist exercises?

Contracting your abs when sitting, doing push-ups against the wall... Actually, they probably won't be enough to improve your fitness, but they will always be better than doing nothing.

Play Ping Pong, Golf, Tennis

They are some of the games that, without realizing it, between laughter, competition and fun, we burn calories.

There is no excuse.

With these minimal routines, all action dodge slackers can be healthy without much sacrifice. Cheer up!

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