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Maintaining our immune system has always been a priority for many, but since the world changed with the global presence of COVID-19 it is an issue that we must all consider, the main shield to avoid contagion is to stay at home, but another and no less important is to keep our defenses high.

Many choose practical methods such as vitamins, others prefer to guide their diet to keep their defenses and immune system high.

This time we want to offer you 3 options that can help you strengthen your immune system and improve your health at the same time:

  1. Consume Fresh Vegetables, Fruits and Proteins: The ingestion of the appropriate foods, prevents diverse types of illnesses. The idea is to consume a variety of vegetables and fruits to provide our body with the highest amount of vitamins. In the case of proteins, eating them is an important factor for the immune system, however, if we decide on processed options the essential nutrients that benefit our body would be lost.
  2. Sleep the hours that your body and mind ask for: Adequate hours of sleep (for some it can work 6 hours and for others it can 8 hours), stimulate the release of hormones such as prolactin and dopamine, these contribute highly to the strengthening of our immune system. Several studies show that people who get enough sleep generate more antibodies than people who have disturbed dreams.
  3. Sunbathe daily: The sun's rays generate vitamin D, which allows the secretion of serotonin responsible for happiness, with ultraviolet light we can multiply the number of white blood cells or lymphocyte cells responsible for fighting infections and also helps us balance cholesterol. through its metabolization. It is important to note that excessive exposure can cause severe damage, but if you decide to sunbathe, 15 minutes a day is enough to help strengthen your immune system.

It is time to remember that home care is an important factor in staying healthy and preventing our immune system from weakening.

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