Nova II

Nova II is a universal policy that offers excellent value accumulation, flexible premiums, adjustable protection, and a guaranteed minimum interest rate. It provides the combination of two important factors that are protection and accumulation, with a minimum coverage from USD $100,000.

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Nova II | Universal Life


• It is a Universal Life policy that offers flexible premiums and excellent financial protection that complements your investment and your insurance portfolio.

Why universal life insurance?

• A universal life policy combines two important factors: PROTECTION AND SAVINGS.
• Offers flexible premiums, adjustable protection, and a guaranteed minimum interest rate.
• Provides excellent accumulation of securities at a competitive interest rate, higher than the average bank rates and not subject to the volatility of the stock market, which allows the policy to be paid in a few years.
• Allows you to increase or decrease the sum insured.
• Provides liquidity by allowing loans and partial withdrawals on cash value.
• Allows you to select the mode and frequency of premium payments.
• Offers the possibility of increasing, decreasing or suspending the payment of premiums, as long as there are sufficient reserves to cover the monthly charges and the cost of the insurance.
• Represents a solid asset that complements your insurance and investment portfolio.

Minimum Face Amount

• US$ 100,000

Issue Age

• From 1 year of age.

Available Riders

• Family Income.
• Accidental death.
• Additional Insurance on the Main Insured.
• Waiver of Monthly Disability Charges.
• Total and Permanent Disability.


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