Electronic billing

As of October 1, 2020, BMI Seguros Colombia assumes the challenge of billing electronically as a digital billing automation process focused on streamlining electronic commerce and fiscal control.

Below, we answer some of the concerns that may arise in the process of Electronic billing.

What is Electronic Billing?

It is the evolution of the traditional invoice, for legal purposes it has the same validity as paper, however, it is generated, validated, issued, received, rejected and preserved electronically, which represents greater advantages. From a tax standpoint, it is a support for transactions for the sale of goods and/or services.

What is the electronic facture?

It is an accounting support document that guarantees the transaction of a good or service. Electronic invoicing is a digital file that contains relevant information for the buyer, the seller and especially for the tax authority (DIAN in Colombia).

What will happen to our Policies?

Our policies will not have any change in the documents that our clients currently receive, from this date they will receive the electronic invoice (XML) and its graphic representation by email, which will be sent to the email account that has registered at the time of linking with the company

Can I pay the policy with my electronic invoice?

No, BMI COLOMBIA will maintain the different means of payment through which you can pay your policy without having to wait for the electronic invoice, through the premium notice and/or quote, which you can consult on our website. www.bmicol.com.co/pague-su-poliza/

What benefits does the electronic invoice have?

It improves the relationship with customers and suppliers, facilitates the exchange of documents, as well as reduces the costs of sending and receiving invoices. Generates savings in processing times, accounting registration and online information consultation.

In case you need to update your information, download and fill out the update form and send it to the email updatedata@bmicol.com.co, indicating the email where you want to receive your electronic invoice.

If you have any questions about your bill, you can contact us at (571) 5187700 or send an email to invoicecionelectronica@bmicol.com.co


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