Complaints channel

Welcome to the Complaints Channel of BMI COLOMBIA

We have established the following space as a channel for complaints, which has the objective that people who detect possible irregularities, regulatory breaches, violations of the code of ethics and conduct or other facts or circumstances that affect or may affect the proper functioning of the Control System Internal, they can bring it to the attention of the Company. You can also go for these same purposes to the email

BMI Colombia has an Anti-Fraud Manual, which dictates internal policies regarding the reception and treatment of complaints, as well as the protection of good faith complainants against retaliation, confidentiality of complaints and the identity of the complainants.

If you [client, employee, supplier, intermediary, user, potential client and/or third party] know of any irregularity that you want to report and that is related to acts of corruption, internal or external fraud, bad corporate governance practices, or any matter that questions the transparency or legality of the actions of any official or intermediary of BMI Colombia, consider the following

  • The Company will guarantee the anonymity of the whistleblower and will sanction whoever retaliates against the person who reports.
  • Make the complaint objectively and respectfully.
  • All complaints must be based on real and verifiable facts.
  • When supplying the information or narrating the facts, give all the information that you know.
  • Describe what happened by listing each of the events: what happened? how did it happen? when did it happen? where did it happen? who did it? with whom?
  • Do not use these channels to raise false claims.
  • This channel is different from the customer service channel for the interposition of PQRS, which is found in the route

Complaint form

*If you want to file an anonymous complaint, please LEAVE BLANK the fields corresponding to your personal data.


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