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On January 29, in Bogotá - Colombia, within the framework of the meeting of Colombian graduates of the FIU (Florida International University), the launch of the NEXT HORIZON program was carried out, which consists of granting Scholarship and Internship programs for students that demonstrate academic excellence and financial need, seeking to strengthen commitment to youth and education.

At BMI Seguros Colombia, we are very proud to be sponsors of this event, not only because of what it represents for the region, but also because we are aware of the responsibility and social support that must be part of business objectives.

We are convinced that the commitment must not only be in production, but we must also grow in a sustainable manner, which implies getting actively involved in social and community programs.

We are committed to the care and well-being of people, but also to their development and training, aware that the future is in the hands of the new generations.

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