Why buy health insurance?

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In Colombia, protecting one's own health and that of the family has become a necessity, due to the changes that have occurred in the health care system. Health in the country, which is why Colombians have begun to acquire health insurance taking advantage of the policies and the services present in the national market.

However, the lack of information, the high costs and the myths that have been built around the insurance sector have represented some challenges for the union, which over time have been overcome, which has allowed more and more Colombians to purchase voluntary health insurance.

This was confirmed by Fasecolda, in its latest report, in which it is reported that in 2018 30.3% of Colombians acquired a voluntary insurance, and 8,1% are related to complementary health plans to the POS or prepaid medicine.

According to Fasecolda figures, until June 2018, the insurance industry represented 3,06% of GDP, in this aspect it should be noted that in previous years a growth of 2% was obtained, below that of the Colombian economy.

On the other hand, a study carried out by the Superfinanciera, Banca de las Oportunidades and Fasecolda, on the demand for insurance, carried out with 6,520 people, segmented at the national level, shows that in the event of an accident, Colombians first seek help from third parties for a loan or make use of their savings, but using an insurance policy does not appear among their first options, this because in most cases do not have one.

Health insurance benefits

  1. choice of medical: the country's insurance companies offer the possibility of choosing the doctor according to what you require to attend to your health problems.
  2. Efficiency and speed: thanks to this type of service you can go directly to the specialist without additional paperwork.
  3. personalized attention and confidence: the care recommended by specialists will be personalized and adapted to your needs, among the benefits you can choose your specialist doctor and hospitalization medical centers.
  4. Coverage international: specialized medical care anywhere in the world.
  5. Medical Treatments: Treatments are innovators and you can count on several options to treat your health problem.

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