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The issuance of insurance premiums increased 2,42% during the first five months of the year

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Revenues from general and life insurers reached 1TP3Q11.89 billion, while last year they were 1TP3Q11.61 billion

Just as the pandemic has had a negative effect on various economic sectors, due to the current situation, the issuance of premiums in the insurance sector has not grown as in other years. Between January and May, general and life insurance companies issued premiums for 1TP3Q11.89 billion, 2.42% more than in the same five months of last year, when they achieved 1TP3Q11.61 billion.

Carlos Sánchez, president of BMI Seguros, indicated “The situation has impacted the business. We must be positive and look for new alternatives to guarantee the future of our employees, advisors and clients”

Regarding the challenges currently facing insurance companies, Carlos Sánchez, president of BMI Seguros Colombia; Juan Carlos Realphe, president of Zurich Colombia, and Marta Lucía Pava, president of SBS Seguros, agreed that digital transformation is the main challenge. Well, not only will they have to strengthen products through these channels, but they will also have to offer policies related to these platforms, such as one that protects against cyber attacks.

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