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The digital signature, security for health and business

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Through this type of digital tool, companies will be able to simplify administrative tasks, automating the process and managing documentation more efficiently.

Tools such as the electronic signature are today an advantage for companies, since they give them the possibility of maintaining the continuity of their businesses by formalizing agreements and contracts in a non-face-to-face manner, in order to avoid physical travel to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

BMI Seguros Colombia is a Colombian company that currently uses the digital signature for its business. Ingrid Rodríguez, director of risks, assures that the implementation of this type of tools has allowed them to be at the forefront of digital transformation, and find better mechanisms and opportunities to approach customers in the new era of digital innovation.

In addition, he affirms that the current contingency has led to making these mechanisms a general rule that allows the sales force to get closer to customers, guaranteeing a personalized, assertive and agile contact.

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